Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the key enablers of global change. Countries and organizations that are adopting ICTs have been making rapid progress in various sectors. More specifically, ICT is now playing a key role in Mobile Banking, Health Services, Agriculture, Governance and Education. Academic institutions need to research into ICTs to find the most appropriate technologies that organizations in the developing countries can adopt and/or adapt to improve the quality of life for its citizens. In response to this need, MUBS in partnership with Southern University’s International Center for Information Technology and Development (ICITD) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA, established the Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Centre. 

The ICT Centre majorly conducts research in various areas with a view to exploring how and what technologies Uganda, and indeed other developing economies may adopt and/or adapt as a catalyst for positive change. MUBS has been collaborating with Professor Victor Mbarika of ICITD, Southern University, Louisiana for several years. Prof. Mbarika is currently a visiting Professor at MUBS. MUBS and the ICITD have previously partnered in ICT research and developing online learning resources at MUBS. The development of the MUBS ICT Centre is the product of this sustained joint effort to deliver ICT solutions to Africa’s resource poor settings. 

The MUBS ICT Centre was established and launched on April 5, 2011 by Makerere University Business School in partnership with the International Centre for Information Technology and Development (ICITD), USA. The ICT Centre is an outreach unit consisting of a consortium of local and international consultants, trainers, researchers, practitioners and academicians collaborating to promote ICT as a solution to individual and institutional development challenges in Uganda and the region.


MUBS ICT Centre: Empowering Africa with ICT tools and Solutions.